OMC Statement on the St Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation Ongoing Strike

The Ontario Marine Council would like to see immediate action taken by the Federal government for maritime traffic to resume on the critical canal locks system operated by the St Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.


The OMC asks Premiers and Ministers of Transport from Ontario and Québec to demand that their federal counterparts take every means at their disposal to end  the strike that cuts Ontario’s maritime gateway to national and international markets.


The Seaway supports more than 67,000 thousand jobs, generates 12.3 billion in yearly economic activity by enabling the transport of over 36 million tons of cargo.


There are currently approximately 100 vessels directly affected by the strike with more to come. These are fully crewed vessels, loaded with cargo for export for critical industries awaiting to process it. The economic cost of this blockade is millions of dollars per hour. The cost to the Ontario and Canadian economy will grow every day that goes by without a swift resolution.


“Beyond its impact on the economy of the Great Lakes region, which the loss to its economic activity increases every day the strikes continues, the long-term impacts will be reputational damage and loss of trust from our international partners.”
– Steve Salmons, Chair of the OMC


“Resolving this matter quickly will ensure vital commodities such as grain for export, salt for winter roads, stone, gypsum, and cement for construction, fuel for the aviation industry and heating homes in the winter, aluminum and iron ore for the steel industry continue moving, supporting jobs, and meeting the needs of consumers and industries globally.”
– Maguessa Morel-Laforce, Executive Director, OMC

About the Ontario Marine Council

The Ontario Marine Council is an industry association representing the major stakeholders in Ontario’s marine sectors. Our membership includes Port Operators, Shipyards, Ship Owners, and the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. Our purpose is to ensure Ontario’s marine economy realizes its full economic, environmental and social potential.

Media Contact:

Maguessa Morel-Laforce
Ontario Marine Council
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